Homeless Kids Get an Education From a School Designed for Them

Homeless children in Oklahoma City still have a chance to stay competitive with their education. Positive Tomorrows helps kids in this situation remain current or get caught up to their educational goals so that they can enter the public school system.

All of the elements of this unique school are made to give children what they’re missing since they don’t have a place to call home.

Positive Tomorrows provides a kitchen space so that kids can learn how to cook with their parents. Laundry facilities are available if children come to the school wearing dirty clothes. Then an entire wing of the facility is dedicated to helping parents find employment, housing, and food.

Positive Tomorrows Has Helped Families Since 2002

The non-profit, tuition-free school has operated classrooms for homeless children in the city since 2002, but a new campus opened in September 2019. Kids in the program were given a blank piece of paper and told to dream about what they wanted their school to be like when it was ready.

Then MA+ Architecture worked with Positive Tomorrows to turn those dreams into reality.

One of the best additions to the school is a social space for the kids. Since they don’t get to attend birthday parties or go over to a friend’s house, Positive Tomorrows gives them a place to plan a calendar of events.

The playground is the school’s backyard. They’ve renamed the cafeteria to be the family room. The kids requested a treehouse, so there’s an indoor place that recreates that experience.

Positive Tomorrows tripled their capacity with this new facility. That means more families can find work and kids can return to public school. Their lives are changing for the better.

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