Foster Father Only Takes Unwanted Sick Children

Mohamed Bzeek is just your average LA guy. He’s been a foster father for more than 20 years, deciding to care for those in need after battling colon cancer.

His decisions are very different from that of the average foster family. Bzeek only accepts children who have a terminal diagnosis. These kids often get abandoned or put up for adoption.

Bzeek says that he had to face the threat of cancer and the fear of death by himself. He doesn’t want the children in his community to face that same hardship. That’s why he has cared for about 80 foster kids over the years, giving them a space where it feels like they have a family.

Then children have passed away because of their illness. Because of Bzeek, they got to experience what it was like to have a caregiver and siblings.

Helping Children Is a Family Affair for Bzeek

Bzeek might live in Los Angeles, but his family is still in Libya. They’ve created an organization overseas that takes care of orphans there. Through the end of 2019, they’ve served over 600 orphans.

The Department of Children and Family Services cares for about 600 children who have severe medical needs at any given time. Bzeek is the first one who gets a call whenever a terminally ill child comes into the system, and he is often the only person who is willing to take them.

Is it hard knowing that the kids he cares for may not make it to adulthood? Bzeek says he knows that they are sick and probably going to die. He does his best as a human being and leaves the rest to God.

To donate to a gofundme has been established.


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