This Shirt Lets People Feel Music

CuteCircuit offers a revolutionary new product for individuals who have a hearing impairment. This wearable tech company has created a garment that allows you to feel music as it plays. It is called the Sound Shirt, and the clothing was made in collaboration with the Junge Symphoniker Hamburg Orchestra in Germany.

After six months of development, the Sound Shirt was given a test run with a few participants who got to listen to the entire orchestra play. Those who got to try the product said that they felt a massive wave of emotions as they were able to let the melodies embrace them.

How Does Sound Shirt Work?

The orchestra arranged microphones across the stage so that individual instrument sounds could get transmitted to the shirts. Then the recordings of the melodies went to the clothing’s software to get converted into usable data. The motors simultaneously activate to vibrate the intensity of the sound, making it possible to feel the music.

Each Sound Shirt contains a total of 16 motors. Individual instruments transmit data to different motors depending on the pitch and size. The designers placed the sounds of the violin to the shoulders and arms, while an upright bass engages the one near the stomach.

The product itself resembles a zip-up sweatshirt. It’s lined with a flexible wireless system to offer a wide range of experiences when compared to placing one’s hands on an instrument.

If you’d like to know more about Sound Shirt from CuteCircuit or to purchase one, you can contact the company through their website.



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