This Colorado Nonprofit Bought a Hotel to Create Apartments for the Homeless

Renaissance Housing Development is a branch of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. These advocates saw a former Quality Inn and Suites falling into disrepair and decided that they could help their community by purchasing the property.

The building recently reopened as Fusion Studios after going through a restoration and renovation process. Now it provides 139 micro-apartments for the homeless in the Denver area.

Rooms in this new facility are rented at a sliding scale. Tenants will not pay more than 30% of their income at any time.

The Homeless Population in Denver Has Faced Numerous Challenges

Even though a Denver County judge ruled a ban on camping within city limits to be unconstitutional, the law still receives enforcement. Weather conditions and the high altitude create their own set of challenges for the homeless to face.

That’s why the creation of Fusion Studios is such an asset to the community. Housing units of this size and scope can take years to build, but it only took this nonprofit six months to make it viable.

Over $12 million in funding was made available for the project from the Denver Housing Authority, the Colorado Division of Housing, and the state’s Department of Human Services. That amount covers the cost of purchasing the property and its complete renovation.

The micro-apartments aren’t going to solve the homeless crisis in Denver, but it is a project that takes a step in the right direction. With about 6,000 people on the streets, another option is available for those who need a little help.



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