Foldable Cardboard Desk Creates an Affordable Instant Workspace for Kids

Refold is changing the way that we think about desks. Their portable cardboard product weighs only 14 pounds, making it possible to take or ship this product anywhere. For kids living in the developing world, it is an affordable way to have an instant workspace.

The benefits that Refold provides with this innovative product don’t stop there. Adults can take this cardboard desk to turn almost any space into a usable office. It adds a new dimension to hot-desking for places that require a fluid working environment.

It also offers two configurations, giving you a standing desk option that may improve health and encourage more productivity.

This Cardboard Desk Is Stronger Than You Think

Under standard operating conditions, the Refold cardboard desk has an estimated lifespan of up to 36 months. It is strong enough to hold over 180 pounds while only needing two minutes to assemble.

The record time to assemble the desk is just 27 seconds!

You’ll receive four parts with this unique design, although sitting legs are sold separately if that configuration is desired.

Even though it is cardboard, the product has an optional durable waterproof surface that clips onto the top of the desk. That means you can work from a 100% recyclable product.

The product currently retails for about $125. It is an idea that gives anyone in any country the ability to become more productive because there’s a legitimate place to work.

You can find out more about Refold and the foldable cardboard desk on their website.


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