Young Athlete Receives a Donated Prosthetic Leg

You can find Ryan Feeny playing basketball with all of his friends. The first thing that you’ll notice about him is the huge smile on his face. As you continue to watch the kids play, it finally dawns on you that Ryan only has one leg.

His parents attempted a rod surgery to save his leg when Feeny was only one. The effort failed, and so the family decided to amputate it instead.

Ryan has tibial dysplasia and neurofibromatosis 1, but it doesn’t slow him down on the basketball court. Because of a charitable effort from the Born to Run Foundation, he recently received a free prosthetic leg.

The Running Blade Helps Ryan Play Multiple Sports

Noelle Lambert is responsible for the donation to the Feeny family. He is a former lacrosse star who became a Paralympian. Now she hopes that Ryan can take advantage of the new opportunities that this new prosthetic leg offers.

It is a gift that will continue to give for the rest of Ryan’s life. He can play baseball, football, or soccer with it in addition to basketball.

Lambert founded the Born to Run Foundation after losing her leg in a moped accident in 2016. She was a Division 1 Athlete who played at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. Her goal is to compete in the 100-meter race at the Paralympics in Tokyo. She currently holds the U.S. record at that distance, with a finishing time of 16.31 seconds.

As for Ryan, there are fewer limits to his world now.



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