The Green Vic Could Be the Most Ethical Pub in the World

London boozers typically avoid health-conscious eating trends that travel around the world. When you want a pint and some pork scratchings, then that’s where you go.

The Green Vic is an entirely different story. Its goal from the very beginning was to become the most ethical pub operating in the world today.

It might seem like an ambitious statement, but the results speak for themselves. The pub features plant-based burgers, beers from brewers that donate profits to clean water projects, and gin that comes from a distillery powered entirely by renewable energy.

Ethics Also Apply to the Green Vic’s Hiring Practices

The Green Vic also pledges to hire 25% of its staff from backgrounds defined as disadvantaged or vulnerable.

It’s a philosophy that seeks to make the planet a priority over profits.

The three-month pop-up that the Green Vic tried ended. Now the crew is seeking investors to create a permanent site for the pub.

It’s an ethos that seeks to help as many people and causes as possible while having a positive social impact with everything the pub does. While the pop-up was operational, every Monday night was a pre-booked supper club that fed the homeless.

The Green Vic also featured a charity of the week while donating a portion of the monthly profits to the Hackney Foodbank.

If you’d like more information about becoming an investor, you can send the group an email at



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