Wisconsin Nonprofits Build a New School in Sierra Leone


Over 30% of the world’s population lacks regular access to clean water. Many more don’t have access to educational opportunities. It’s a combination that holds the developing world back from achieving its full potential.

Wisconsin nonprofits recently decided to take matters into their own hands to be the positive change in the world they wanted to see. Not only did Strides for Africa and their partners build a school in Sierra Leone, but they are also putting water wells in the continent.

With safe water and educational opportunities, youth can be empowered to transform their communities.

Instead of a Handout, These Nonprofits Offer a Hand Up

Establishing a school and safe water to drink is only the first step for nonprofits like Project 1809 and Feeding Mouths Filling Minds. These organizations are also making use of local resources to get people to work.

As the groups work together to build schools and improve access to healthier drinking water, local families get taught how to perform subsistence farming. Then each household receives the necessary supplies to help them get to work.

Project 1808 also hosts leadership festivals and educational seminars that get taught by students and faculty from the University of Wisconsin.

Over 500 students and community members attended the events held in Sierra Leone in 2017.

About 400 local students receive ongoing support from the U.S.-based nonprofits through scholarships and computer literacy programs.

If you’d like to get involved, then donate online today to help the world see how water and education can change everything.



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