This Man Created a Mobile Pantry to Honor His Son

Peter Kelleher tragically lost his son to a drug overdose in 2016. He decided to put together a nonprofit to support his community in the aftermath of that event, which led to the creation of Support the Soupman.

He received a school bus that he could convert into a mobile pantry. It allows him to hand out winter clothing and hot food to those in need. Thousands of boots were donated by a local charitable foundation to get the idea up and running.

Then he painted the bus red and added pictures of people who lost their lives because of drugs.

Now Support the Soupman Provides a Full-Service Experience

Kelleher has gone from having one school bus to a full trailer that becomes a drop-in center for the community’s homeless population. You can find bins filled with clothes, toiletries, and towels.

The trailer provides mobile showers to anyone who needs one. Kelleher says that people often emerge looking a lot more cheerful than before.

Comforts of Home designed the $50,000 custom trailer to provide a safe place to take a hot shower. It requires a hookup to city water and sewage, but Kelleher has permission to use a street drain and fire hydrant.

He continues to serve his signature hamburger soup, which is how Kelleher got his nickname. Over the years, he has attracted numerous donors and volunteers to his cause. His operation hands out protein bars and gloves when needed.

You can discover more information or donate to the cause by visiting Kelleher’s website today.



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