World Vision Receives a $40 Million Gift for Water Sanitation

Philanthropists David and Dana Dornsife recently donated $40 million to World Vision to support water sanitation and hygiene programs in Africa. A total of 24 countries on the continent will receive support because of these funds.

World Vision says that it will use the money to continue advancing its goal of providing clean water to everyone everywhere the Christian organization has a presence. It has the purpose of reaching 20 million people with clean water by the end of 2020, and the nonprofit is 80% of the way there.

World Vision was founded in 1950 by Robert Pierce, who also served as the organization’s first president until 1967.

The Dornsife Family Has Donated $115 Million Since 2011

The Dornsifes are long-time supporters of World Vision. They’ve made similar donations of $35 million and $40 million in the past to promote the organization’s clean water programs. David is the chair of Herrick Corporation, which is a steel fabrication company.

Dana is the founder of Lazarex, a nonprofit that focuses on equitable access to clinical trials. She also co-founded a lighting design and architectural electronics consultation firm in 1991.

The couple’s requirements for the monetary donation is simple. They want others to join them to create better access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene programs. Every amount they donate gets matched to other donors to help communities find a way to lift themselves out of poverty.

The Dornsifes have appeared on the Philanthropy 50 list as one of the world’s most significant donors to charity twice since 2011.



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