Sage Has Numerous Powerful Wellness Benefits

Sage is a global treasure. This aromatic plant provides exquisite flavors for the meals we make while offering potential medicinal benefits.

Its natural healing properties were used by every ancient human civilization, traversing thousands of years between the Egyptians and the Romans.

Sage provides anti-inflammatory benefits, serves up a dose of antioxidants, and provides robust antibacterial advantages. It may offer natural treatment solutions for conditions that range from dementia to lupus.

What Is Smudging, and Why Does It Matter?

Native cultures in North America often used white sage for their purification rituals. The settlers who observed these events called it “smudging,” although each tribe has its terminology for the process.

The steps are remarkably similar across all civilizations. Dried white sage gets burned over hot coals, either on the ground or in a large shell.

The individual places their hands over the smoke, cupping them to take it in. You’d then “wash” yourself from head to toe with it.

Although there are aromatherapy and mindfulness benefits to consider with this practice, smudging also creates a belief in intention.

When someone believes that they will get better, the placebo effect contributes to higher wellness.

It is such a powerful effect that researchers use it when studying new medicines. If people think that they are taking something that will make them better, their minds create the desired results. A treatment is considered useful if it works more efficiently than the placebo.

Smudging could be a unique way to add healthy routines to your life. Why not try it today?

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