Vision Boards Provide Visualization Benefits

Have you ever pictured yourself having a successful result before achieving it?

That process is called “visualization.” When the brain has time to imagine what a strategy should entail, it is easier for your mind to implement a plan that leads to a successful outcome.

This benefit can help anyone. One way you can unlock its power is by creating a vision board for the spaces where you work.

How to Create a Useful Vision Board

 A vision board isn’t useful until it focuses on how you feel. Many people make the mistake of filling this space with the material things they want.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t want to own a house, a reliable car, or a PS5. The process is effective when you can see the steps needed to get to the conclusions you want.

Think about your vision board as if it is a flight of stairs. Let’s say your goal is to become a homeowner in the next two years. What will it take to go from the bottom step where you are to the very top?

Your vision board should focus on the thoughts and feelings needed to create forward momentum.

An eagle feather might remind you of your family’s trip to the beach. You might include a bookmark because you love how stories motivate you to do good things. Even a charitable receipt might be a useful remembrance for how you feel when helping others.

It only takes a few minutes to create a vision board, but this work’s positive impacts can last for a lifetime!


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