Do You Remember to Breathe?

One of the best investments you can make for yourself today is to get the Apple Watch Breathe App.

We live in a world where speed, connectivity, and hyperactivity require a constant focus on completing tasks.

Dealing with COVID-19 and the lifestyle changes that came with it only hastened that issue. Instead of coming together to network with our positive outcomes or personal concerns, our primary solution is to be online.

When you engage with electronics, even for positive reasons, it can lead to stressful situations. The Breathe app provides a friendly reminder to take a deep breath.

How Does the Apple Watch Breathe App Work?

When you download this app to use, you’ll receive smart features and engaging visuals that guide you through the process of resonant breathing.

This technique uses slow and relaxed diaphragmatic breathing to reduce your total air intake to about six breaths per minute.

Once you start practicing this option for a while, you may get that figure down to three breaths per minute.

The average person may take up to 20 breaths per minute without this control.

Giving the body an oxygen surge can reduce cortisol levels triggered by stress. That hormone is responsible for your fight-or-flight mechanism. By creating a relaxing stimulus, you’ll encourage relaxation instead of tension.

If you spend five minutes each hour remembering to breathe, your body may feel more energized and focused than you can remember. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, try to slow your breathing to six per minute by taking slow, deep breaths.


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