How Lego Replay Helps Children

What are you supposed to do with old LEGO bricks? Throwing them out isn’t good for the environment, but you might not know of anyone who would want these toys. Fortunately, LEGO has come up with a solution. It’s called LEGO Replay! Tim Brooks from LEGO... View Full Post

What Could Save Our Coral Reefs? 3D Printing

  Warm, acidic waters are creating the most pervasive bleaching events in known human history for the world’s coral reefs. This outcome eliminates their color and opportunities to support life. One of the ways that ecologists propose that they could be saved is... View Full Post

Using Plastic to Make Streets in Los Angeles

Technisoil, a company that designs innovative products, is working on creating streets made of plastic for the city of Los Angeles.  This idea will be tested on the corner of West First Street and North Grand Avenue in Downtown L.A. If the test goes well, eventually... View Full Post