This Man Created a Mobile Pantry to Honor His Son

Peter Kelleher tragically lost his son to a drug overdose in 2016. He decided to put together a nonprofit to support his community in the aftermath of that event, which led to the creation of Support the Soupman. He received a school bus that he could convert into a... View Full Post

Millennium Seed Bank Protects Australia’s Plant Life

The bush fires in Australia have had a devastating impact on the plants and animals there. Some species, such as the koala, could be threatened with extinction. The plants have a little more protection thanks to Kew Gardens in the UK. Their Millennium Seed Bank stores... View Full Post

Wisconsin Nonprofits Build a New School in Sierra Leone

  Over 30% of the world’s population lacks regular access to clean water. Many more don’t have access to educational opportunities. It’s a combination that holds the developing world back from achieving its full potential. Wisconsin nonprofits recently decided to... View Full Post