The Green Vic Could Be the Most Ethical Pub in the World

London boozers typically avoid health-conscious eating trends that travel around the world. When you want a pint and some pork scratchings, then that’s where you go. The Green Vic is an entirely different story. Its goal from the very beginning was to become the most... View Full Post

She Gives Free Haircuts to the Homeless in Vermont

A person’s haircut it a critical component of their identity. When people are homeless, then that word tends to define who they are. If someone can take the time to take care of how they look, then the updated style can restore a lot of confidence. This truth is... View Full Post

Young Athlete Receives a Donated Prosthetic Leg

You can find Ryan Feeny playing basketball with all of his friends. The first thing that you’ll notice about him is the huge smile on his face. As you continue to watch the kids play, it finally dawns on you that Ryan only has one leg. His parents attempted a rod... View Full Post

You Won’t Hate the Homework That This School Assigns

Most kids dread the homework assignments that their teacher sends with them after a long school day. If most parents are honest, they’re not big fans of the extra work either. For students at an elementary school in Ireland, a homework alternative that teachers assign... View Full Post