Could It Be Possible to Reverse Animal Extinctions?

  Up to 2,000 animal extinctions happen daily on our planet right now. One of those species is the Northern White Rhinoceros, which is functionally extinct today. There are still two members of the species living on our planet, but neither one is capable of... View Full Post

Genetic Testing Saves Animals from Poaching and Disease

DNA testing kits are helping humans discover more about their family’s ancestry and their genetic profile. This science is also assisting animals to be saved from illegal hunting efforts and treatable diseases. A growing number of examples are demonstrating that the... View Full Post

3,000 Gallons of Fresh Water Save Kenya’s Animals

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua has become one of the most famous men in Kenya. You won’t hear people cheering for him because of the work he does. It’s the animals that come to visit when he’s around. Mwalua has a water truck that carries up to 3,000 gallons... View Full Post

This Tiger is About to be Pain-Free

  The advances in medical treatment are even benefiting animals, as seen in Sahebrao’s case.  After getting caught in a poacher’s trap in 2012, the tiger was taken to the Maharashtra Animal and Fisheries Science University. While there, he received treatment for... View Full Post