Create Inspiration by Making Something Today

Art gives the world a unique perspective on a snapshot in time. Creativity can focus on any subject, ranging from self-portraits to societal commentary. When an artist makes a positive impression, their work can change lives. Artists can also change everything about... View Full Post

Photographer Left Banking Job to Document Good Causes

Saurabh Narang was an award-winning photographer who was happy to be working for Barclays India. It was fun to work with numbers, but there was a desire to look for something better in life. A sabbatical from the banking industry in 2017 would be a life-changing... View Full Post

This Designer Uses Food To Make Furniture

  Gavin Keightley isn’t your average designer.  Using sustainable molds made out of food, he has created a unique collection of furniture. Keightley graduated from the University of Plymouth.  While studying at this school, he discovered that food could be used... View Full Post