You Won’t Hate the Homework That This School Assigns

Most kids dread the homework assignments that their teacher sends with them after a long school day. If most parents are honest, they’re not big fans of the extra work either. For students at an elementary school in Ireland, a homework alternative that teachers assign... View Full Post

Schools Keep Feeding Families

School kitchens provide nutritional meals to children every day when attending classes. After COVID-19 spread worldwide, these resources turned into critical lifelines for families living in poverty. Many districts started providing breakfast and lunch to anyone who... View Full Post

Non-Profit Offers Virtual Help to Special Need Students

  Students with special needs saw the most significant changes to their daily routine because of COVID-19. Parents who got to work with trained teachers were suddenly thrown into that role without knowing what to expect in many locations around the United States.... View Full Post

Students Receive Free Computers to Learn During COVID-19

  School closures began in the middle of February for some students. Then the rest of the 2019-2020 academic year got transferred to online learning for most American kids. That effort likely saved tens of thousands of lives. It also created a clear separation... View Full Post