Houseplants Are Practical Air Scrubbers

Humans absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Houseplants do the opposite. Have you ever noticed how a garden, greenhouse, or conservatory feels different? Those changes happen because of how plants interact with the world. Some species are so... View Full Post

Millennium Seed Bank Protects Australia’s Plant Life

The bush fires in Australia have had a devastating impact on the plants and animals there. Some species, such as the koala, could be threatened with extinction. The plants have a little more protection thanks to Kew Gardens in the UK. Their Millennium Seed Bank stores... View Full Post

The Green Vic Could Be the Most Ethical Pub in the World

London boozers typically avoid health-conscious eating trends that travel around the world. When you want a pint and some pork scratchings, then that’s where you go. The Green Vic is an entirely different story. Its goal from the very beginning was to become the most... View Full Post

Indian Couple Restores Forest Near Tiger Reserve

If you took an aerial view of the land around the Singh residence near Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, you’d see a stark contrast of landscapes. All around their property are tracts of open land prepared for farming. The Singh land is entirely forested. Aditya and Poonam... View Full Post