What Could Save Our Coral Reefs? 3D Printing

  Warm, acidic waters are creating the most pervasive bleaching events in known human history for the world’s coral reefs. This outcome eliminates their color and opportunities to support life. One of the ways that ecologists propose that they could be saved is... View Full Post

Using Plastic to Make Streets in Los Angeles

Technisoil, a company that designs innovative products, is working on creating streets made of plastic for the city of Los Angeles.  This idea will be tested on the corner of West First Street and North Grand Avenue in Downtown L.A. If the test goes well, eventually... View Full Post

A New Method of Hydrogen Generation Uses Ocean Water

The goal of the automobile industry is to create a zero-emission driving experience by eventually transitioning to hydrogen fuel. There’s only one problem with that effort: most of the fuel comes from natural gas today. Electrodes in water can split hydrogen... View Full Post

Turning German Mines into Beautiful Lakes

When visiting the beautiful Lusatian Lake District in Germany, you would never guess its ugly past. All unsightly traces of its history have gradually been disappearing over the last three decades. To fully appreciate these lakes and the incredible improvements being... View Full Post

Could Floating Buildings Save Cities Like Venice?

  Cities like Venice are a credit to the ingenuity of humanity. Recent flooding caused a state of emergency to be declared in the metro area, with a new high tide of five feet, creating an enormous crisis that could cost millions to repair. The lagoon suffered... View Full Post