This Invention Turns Manure into Liquid “Gold”

  Sistema Biobolsa, or, produces biodigesters that convert livestock manure into usable energy. The cost of this product ranges from $400 to $4,000. Where individual farmers fall on that scale depends on the size and composition of their farm. This... View Full Post

IKEA Aims to Reduce its Carbon Footprint

  It’s no secret that consumers are concerned about record-breaking levels of C02 in our environment. Those worried consumers want to see companies taking action to reverse the damage. Companies are responding to this demand, with IKEA striving for some of... View Full Post

London Is Turning Grey Patches into Green Space

  London wants to become the world’s first National Park City. The community’s goal is to have half of the city offer green space to residents by 2050, so officials are asking all residents to turn their grey patches into green spaces. The city... View Full Post

Vertical Farms Create More Growing Spaces for Fresh Produce

The first vertical farms began to appear in the United States in the early 2000s. They were initially more of a novelty, but today’s versions are supplying hundreds of grocery stores with dark, leafy vegetables. More food is available for donation to local food banks,... View Full Post

Dutch Artificial Islands Encourage Habitat Redevelopment

  The Markermeer is one of the largest freshwater lakes found on the European continent. Fish used to fill its waters, but life is not teeming here these days. It may be over 700 square kilometers in size, but cloudy masses discourage marine life from staying.... View Full Post