Old Jeans Become New Slippers and Bags for 1,200 Kids

Millions of pairs of jeans get discarded across India every year. Less than 30% of them get recycled, which means there is a lot of dry waste to manage for many communities. Each pair of jeans also represents 8,000 liters of water. Denim is a sturdy material that can... View Full Post

Free Transit Passes Create Fewer Cars on the Road

  Residents of Gothenburg, Sweden, are discovering that their regional transit agency has a gift for them. The community is giving everyone a free two-week pass to use trams, ferries, and buses to get to work or school instead of driving there. The goal of the... View Full Post

Feeding the Hungry While Cleaning the Trash

A grassroots movement in the Philippines is taking a bad situation and using it for good, by allowing poor families to trade plastic for rice. Families receive 1 kilogram of rice for every 2 kilograms of plastic they turn in. This movement is feeding hungry bellies... View Full Post

New Bioplastics Could Change the Entire Plastics Industry

Our world uses billions of pounds of single-use plastics every year. Most of these products come from a foundation of petroleum processing. That means some chemicals can leech into the environment when they are not disposed of correctly. Bioplastics are possible... View Full Post

Cleaner Air is Coming to a City Near You

Mayors from 35 cities around the world recently signed a pledge to deliver cleaner air to their citizens. Over 140 million people are affected by this agreement. It is called the C40 Clean Air Cities Declaration. The goal is to implement substantial clean air policies... View Full Post

Plant-Based Shoes with Zero New Plastic Are a Reality

  The typical pair of shoes generates about 30 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Most companies have the goal of creating brand-new pairs by making them as cheaply as possible. A brand named Cariuma wants to change that perspective. By switching the materials... View Full Post