Do You Remember to Breathe?

One of the best investments you can make for yourself today is to get the Apple Watch Breathe App. We live in a world where speed, connectivity, and hyperactivity require a constant focus on completing tasks. Dealing with COVID-19 and the lifestyle changes that came... View Full Post

Vision Boards Provide Visualization Benefits

Have you ever pictured yourself having a successful result before achieving it? That process is called “visualization.” When the brain has time to imagine what a strategy should entail, it is easier for your mind to implement a plan that leads to a successful outcome.... View Full Post

Sage Has Numerous Powerful Wellness Benefits

Sage is a global treasure. This aromatic plant provides exquisite flavors for the meals we make while offering potential medicinal benefits. Its natural healing properties were used by every ancient human civilization, traversing thousands of years between the... View Full Post

Mindfulness Meditation Has Transformative Effects

What do you think about when pondering the concept of meditation? Many people picture an individual who sits cross-legged on the ground, humming or chanting mantras while keeping their eyes closed. When someone tries to replicate that experience, it often feels... View Full Post

Houseplants Are Practical Air Scrubbers

Humans absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Houseplants do the opposite. Have you ever noticed how a garden, greenhouse, or conservatory feels different? Those changes happen because of how plants interact with the world. Some species are so... View Full Post

Walking Mantras Unleash Your Inner Positivity

When was the last time you took a long hike? Think back to that last adventure. Try to see everything you remember encountering along the trail. What did it sound or smell like when you were there? Now, try to recall what you were thinking as you were exploring. What... View Full Post