Cancer Deaths Fall at Record Levels

Cancer fatality rates declined for the 26th consecutive year in the United States in 2017. It was also the largest-ever drop in overall deaths for a 12-month measurement period. The 2.2% plunge in cancer fatalities is directly attributed to a sharp decline in the... View Full Post

It Looks and Sounds Like Bacon, But It’s Fungus

Most of the fake meat products available through grocers and specialty providers today get their protein from a select group of plants. Potatoes, soybeans, and peas are typically found in the ingredients. Prime Roots has an alternative bacon product that takes a... View Full Post

Hospitals in Norway Embrace the Healing Power of Forests

  Hospitals are an essential component of modern healthcare. We are fortunate to have so many facilities around the world that can treat injuries, illness, and disease. There is only one problem with them: they tend to be boring, sterile environments. Finding... View Full Post