Do You Remember to Breathe?

One of the best investments you can make for yourself today is to get the Apple Watch Breathe App. We live in a world where speed, connectivity, and hyperactivity require a constant focus on completing tasks. Dealing with COVID-19 and the lifestyle changes that came... View Full Post

This Shirt Lets People Feel Music

CuteCircuit offers a revolutionary new product for individuals who have a hearing impairment. This wearable tech company has created a garment that allows you to feel music as it plays. It is called the Sound Shirt, and the clothing was made in collaboration with the... View Full Post

Could Rain Become Our Next Source of Hydropower?

Dams are an effective way to generate electricity. The only problem with this restrictive structure is that it creates significant environmental harm concerns. Then there is the threat of flooding if it should fail. Numerous attempts have been made to generate... View Full Post

Could It Be Possible to Reverse Animal Extinctions?

  Up to 2,000 animal extinctions happen daily on our planet right now. One of those species is the Northern White Rhinoceros, which is functionally extinct today. There are still two members of the species living on our planet, but neither one is capable of... View Full Post