Charity for Bees: Covering Bus Stops with Flowers

Holland is trying to help encourage bee colonies to grow uniquely. One city is covering hundreds of bus stops with sedum plants in Utrecht to support urban biodiversity. As an added benefit, the installations capture fine dust particles while storing rainwater.... View Full Post

How Bamboo is Keeping Families in Kenya Safe

Planting bamboo in landslide-prone areas could save many lives in Kenya. According to the World Economic Forum, landslides displace thousands of people and kill hundreds more each year in Kenya.  The possibility of this occurring during the country’s rainy season is a... View Full Post

Everyone Should Have Access to LEGO Bricks

Matthew Shifrin’s goal is to make LEGO toys more accessible for the visually impaired. This desire arose from his own experience as a blind LEGO devotee. Shifrin could not read the LEGO instructions, but his, “friend, Lilya…would write down all the... View Full Post

This Innovative Design Helps to Keep Us Healthy

Two graduates from the University of Hong Kong have come up with a new invention that helps prevent the spread of illness.  It’s a self-sterilizing door handle! The SARS outbreak in 2003 impacted 8,000 people all over the world and resulted in 700 deaths.  Most of the... View Full Post

Building Classrooms with Recycled Plastic

A factory located in Ivory Coast is using plastic to build classrooms.  The factory’s goal is to provide 500 classrooms by 2021. This should help West Africa’s current problem of having excess plastic and few schools. Year after year, tons of plastic finds its way... View Full Post

OzHarvest Wants 50% of Food Waste Gone by 2030

Since its founding over a decade ago, OzHarvest has kept over 37,000 tons of food from reaching local landfills. During that time, the non-profit organization has also delivered over 110 million meals to people in need. According to founder Ronni Kahn, the challenge... View Full Post